Candy Bowerman Yow
Candy Bowerman Yow is the cohost of Extreme Desire TV. She is an avid horse woman and trainer. She grew up on large ranches and earned a respect for the outdoors and wildlife at an early age. A mother of two daughters and two step daughters and now a grandma to 5 Candy is very passionate about involving families in the hunting industry. Candy has also written several articles for outdoor publications.   Read more     
Angie Denny
Angie Denny and Husband Scott have owned their outfitting business Table Mountain Outfitters for 16 years and have their own TV Show THE LIFE at Table Mountain. THE LIFE at Table Mountain tells the story of America's most successful outfitter, Table Mountain Outfitters. Table Mountain Outfitters guide over 200 hunters to big game success each year.  
Rebecca Francis
Co-host of Eye of the Hunter TV, Rebecca has been hunting for as long as she can remember. She went hunting every fall with her dad and brothers. For Rebecca, hunting is a time for family, a time to learn and to find balance. It is a time to allow all her senses to be renewed. But most of all, hunting where she goes to feel closest to God. It is in the mountains she hunts that Rebecca knows without a doubt that there is a Creator and Guardian. It is Rebecca’s home. And she won’t go home without Próis.  
Vickie Gardner
Vickie Gardner and her husband Tim operate Alpen Optics (, where she is VP of Stuff. Formerly a “tree-hugging” outdoor education teacher, Vickie stepped outside her comfort zone with the encouragement of friends and learned to hunt. She has since taken elk, deer, and other game. Vickie partners with Paralyzed Veterans of America to hold hunts for wounded veterans of both sexes. The outdoors is a place of healing, and wounded veterans who hunt and fish prove they are not defined by their injuries. Vickie feels honored and inspired to spend time in the woods with America’s wounded heroes.  
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